Uganda: Lake Victoria – Birds at Mabamba Swamp

There are over 1000 birds species in Uganda and over 350 species live an and around the Lake Victoria. Of the mostly aquatic species we spotted while exploring the water and swamps there were countless Pied kingfisher and Malachite kingfisher (see previous two posts), lots of Long-tailed cormorant, hundreds of Intermediate egrets. Other species included African Jacana, African fish Eagle, Yellow-billed duck, Purple heron, Goliath heron, Squacco heron, African marsh harrier, White-winged tern, Afrixcan open-billed stork, bizarre looking Hammercoop, White-faced whistling duck, Broad-billed roller, Fan-tailed widow bird, Grey-headed gull, Northern brown-throated weaver, Swamp flycatcher, Long-toed lapwing , Yellow-billed kite, Red-eyed dove, Blue-headed cookul, Lesser-stripes swallow, Banded martin, Water thicknee, and many others.