Uganda: Lake Victoria – Land Birds

Hiking in the forested hills above Lake Victoria, we spotted quite a few more various bird species, mostly land-dwellers. The biggest was the massive Great blue turaco. Other included Grey-headed sparrow, Common bullbull, Wood sandpiper, African pied wagtail, Mosque swallow, Northern black flycatcher, Red-chested sunbird, Lizard buzzard, Red-cheeked cordonblue, Red-eye dove, Red-billed firefinch, Speckled mousebird, Black and White casket hornbill, Pin-tailed whydah, African green pigeon, Ruppel’s long-tailed starling , Woodland kingfisher, Sooty chat, Eastern grey plantain-eater (another big bird), Bronze mannequin, Splendid starling , Crowned hornbill (spectacular forest species), Black and white Shrike flycatcher , White-throated bee-eater, Red-headed lovebird, African blue flycatcher, Palm-nut vulture, and more