USA/WI: Leinenkugel Brewery

Leinenkugel Brewery (or more fully – Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company) is actually the seventh oldest brewery in the USA, operating since 1967 in the town of Chippewa Falls. Started by a Prussian immigrant who brought his original recipe with him, the brewery was producing mostly one type of beer – the Original. During prohibition, they switched to producing sodas and light “near-beers”. After the prohibition, the brewery came back strong and introduced a “lemon shandy”, a light beer mixed with lemon juice and only about 2-3% alcohol content. That thing took off like wildfire and today 9 of 10 shandies sold on the USA are Leinenkugel! All 50 states plus Canada and Mexico. The tour of the brewery is limited to outside only during COViD, but instead you get a generous sampling of 5 glasses (albeit small) of different beers on tap – IPA, Original, Weiss, Dark, Lager, Amber, and so on and so forth.