USA/NV: Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Close to the end of the Loneliest Road in America near Henderson is the infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch – the oldest and most well-known legally-operating brothel made famous in media, TV, and movies. The brothel opened in 1955 and is operated by Dennis Hof who was made famous by the HBO documentary Cathouse. A small side road coming off Highway 50 has some awesome road signs along the way. The pink building at the end has a bar, and you are welcome to come in and have a beer or two, and take pictures as long as you don’t photograph the girls (who you don’t even see unless you ask for a lineup). The walls are covered with historic magazines and pictures of famous celebrities who supposedly visited the Bunny ranch. You can also purchase Hof’s book “The Art of the Pimp”, which at least has more substance then Trump’s “The Art of the Deal”.