Uzbekistan: Tashkent – Central Asian Plov Center

Rather then explore Soviet-era architecture, head to an absolute must-do in Tashkent – Central Asian Plov Center. Here, plov is cooked at lunchtime in super humongous kazan bowls on open fire and thousands (yes thousands!) come hear to feast on the best of the beat in national cuisine. Three different types of plov are served here, all the Tashkent variety, where the ingredients are mixed in cooking rather then separated. Just watching the giant wood-fired kazans and meat-cutting and plov decoration is mesmerizing! Plov is decorated with chicken and quail eggs and also with kazy (horse meat sausage). You also get a large selection of pickled vegetables of various varieties. It’s as authentic as it can be as locals flock here and make a huge meal out of it (and you can spot some intrepid tourists here and there. This was one of the top experiences in the country!