Uzbekistan: Tashkent – Golubie Kupala Restaurant

And the best way to wrap up the exploration of Uzbekistan is at possibly the coolest restaurant in Tashkent – the venerated Golubie Kupala aka Blue Domes Restaurant. The restaurant opened its doors back on the 1970 and is located in a beautiful park on the city center. The interior is absolute stunning and lavish and the menu is super unique – in fact, the restaurant claims that all of its fifty main dishes can be had only here and nowhere else in Central Asia. The blend centuries old historic traditions with exquisite presentation. Of course, we could only try a small sample of the menu: chuchvara (small meat filled dumplings), naryn (thinly sliced horse meat with thin pasta), dumgaza (braised oxtail tail), and hasyn (meat and spices sausages).