Vietnam: Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the major attractions in Vietnam and draws massive crowds of tourists. The town is one of the best preserved towns from the 16-18th century in SE Asia when it was a major trading port. From the time the Portuguese arrived to mid-19th century, this was one of the most thriving ports in the world as Europeans, Chinese, and Japanese all came together here here to trade. Then the Nguyen dynasty emperors gave France exclusive trading rights for Vietnam and the French quickly established another port to the north – Danang. Hoi An was abandoned and no new development happened since – the result being a perfectly preserved old town with historic streets, buildings, and a Japanese Wooden Bridge. Great local unique food blending Vietnamese with Chinese and Japanese cuisines, as well as famous Hoi An coffee can be enjoyed here. Unfortunately, it’s so packed with tourists that it has become a total tourist trap and you can’t make a step or take a picture without all the crowds getting in the way.