Vietnam: Hue – Dong Ba Market

It was totally worth waking up early to see the Dong Ba Market in Hue. This is one of the oldest markets in the country, and is also supposedly the largest. And it’s most certainly one of the most colorful and authentic market experiences I have had – thousands of Vietnamese come here from all over the central Vietnam to sell their farming wares. There are fruits and vegetables (many unusual and weird), tons of greens (including ubiquitous lemongrass), weird mushrooms, fresh fish and shellfish, loads of dried squid and pepper-marinated shrimp. There are also flowers, some souvenirs, clothing, and everything else one can imagine. There is a big local food court where fresh pho soups and summer rolls are served for literally pennies. But the absolute best part was the meat section – insane amount of delicious pork smoked and wrapped in pig skin.