Vietnam: Phong Nha NP – Camping Inside Hang En Cave

Hang En Cave is the world’s third largest cavern in the world by volume – 330x560ft / 100x170m. Its a total WOW! It’s truly dramatic and is like a different world inside – there is a river, a lake, wide beach, own climate system, and even its own jungle – all inside the cave! After entering through a side entrance and climbing over a mountain of rocks beneath the main big entrance, you take a little pontoon ride across the river/lake to arrive at a giant sandy beach where your tents for the night are set up. It’s cool and fresh here, except thousands of swifts above intermittently bomb you with poop. Actually “hang en” means “swift cave”, named for millions of swifts living here. Sleeping here in a tent inside the massive cave is most certainly a once in a lifetime experience!