Vietnam: Phong Nha NP – Exploring Hang En Cave

This post is the continuation of the Hang En Cave exploration, so if you didn’t see previous post – 114 – check it out. Hang En, third largest cave in the world by volume, has a mountain inside it, somewhat separating it into two chambers. To see the other side, you gotta hike uphill (inside the darkness of the cave) and then down to the exit. Equally stupendous like the entrance, it’s a huge hole with green jungle outside and swifts flying everywhere. Inside the cave, there are some formations (although not many and not spectacular) and some ancient 300 million year shell imprints in the rocks. A lot of river crossing and walking in-water is involved, as well as rock climbing, but nothing technical like in the Hang Va cave. But the key here is the sheer immense size of the cavern that totally dwarfs you into a tiny ant with a headlamp and helmet on your head.