Zambia/Barotseland: Liuwa Plain NP – Wildebeest Migration

The vast grasslands of the Liuwa Plain National Park host one of the most amazing spectacles in Africa – the continent’s second largest wildebeest migration. Nearly 4000 blue wildebeest and accompanying them 4000 zebras follow the rains across the open plains in search of fresh green grass (and lions, cheetahs, and hyenas follow them). With virtually no trees, wildebeest were at time in every possible direction, anywhere you look, all the way to horizon. Wildebeest calfs (all the same age and recently born just days or weeks ago) followed parents in tow. The migration in Liuwa is more spread out then in Serengeti, with plenty of grasslands for the wildebeest to feed on, but still you could see herds of hundreds and hundreds, often flanked or followed by zebras. Wildlife watching at its absolute best and a definitive bucketlist item!