Zambia/Barotseland: Liuwa Plain NP – Landscapes

Liuwa Plain National Park in the far west of Zambia and on the border of Angola has been on my “must-see” list for years. It’s very different from the rest of Zambia and the ecosystem is absolutely unique and stunning. The national park covers 3K sq km of the Barotse floodplain – a massive white sand flatland that gets periodically flooded with seasonal rains and turns into green grasslands. Liuwa hosts the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa after Serengeti in Tanzania – over 40,000 animals and a lot of zebra move around the floodplain as rains saturate the soil and grass pops up. Liuwa is truly incredible for its endless landscapes and stunning storm and rain clouds when you come here at the beginning of the rainy season. Not to be missed are equally insane sunsets and the feeling of being at a place in Africa that not many know still exists, like a Lost World!