Zimbabwe: Mama Pools NP – Canoeing on Zambezi River

How about canoeing on the mighty Zambezi River among all the hippos and elephants and crocodiles? Yes we can! You pick smaller channels along the edges of the river a long the main currents, enjoying the stunning landscapes of the river near sunset, moth hundred of birds, fish eagles hunting, elephants walking and swimming around and hippos popping up everywhere. And while this may appear serene and peaceful, this is perhaps the top risk activity you can do at Mana Pools, even riskier then walking safari. As you canoe just feet away from crocs and really close to massive elephants, it’s the hippos that are the main threat. In fact, hippos are the number killers of humans in Africa and the most dangerous animals. Hippos are very territorial and attack without warning, charging and flipping boats and canoes, and mauling people. Long story short, a hippo charged us, and the guide (with 20 years of canoe experience) had to stand up and shout and beat on the boat and grab his gun, before the hippo stopped just meters away. Nuts! Later on the guide said it was the closest call he’s ever had. True adventure!