Amazonas: Brazilian Amazon Food Recap

And the last but not least post from the fantastic adventure in the Amazon – the food! Everything revolves around fish here – the three most delicious species are tambaqui (large two-feet long fish that’s grilled and has little bones), matrinxa (elongated fish also without small bones and oily and rich white flash), and picaruru (these guys are 2 meter long so you have either a steak or a traditional salted picaruru). I also tried the piranha soup, grilled Cayman, and grilled freshwater stingray. Everything is eaten with tapioca (aka casava) which looks and tastes like gravel. The juice selection is amazing with most jungle fruits I have never heard of – cashew fruit, soursoap, jenipapo, cupiacu, tapereva, acai and so on. And of course – when in Brazil – drink caipirinha!