Burundi: Bujumbura

Bujumbura is the economic capital of Burundi (political capital has been moved to Gitega in 2018). The city has about 1.5 mm people, although the reality is probably even higher. The flat part of the city lies on the shores of lake Tanganyika, and the hills rise steeply and the rest of the city )including more expensive areas) are sprinkled over the elevated ground. Bujumbura was the military post in German East Africa in the 19th century, and then became the capital of the Belgian Ruanda-Urundi. In 1962, Burundi became independent and Bujumbura became its capital. On the highest point in the city stands the Monument de l’Unité Nationale with a pretty stella and panoramic views. Other attractions include the Place de l’Indépendance, Bujumbura Cathedral, and a couple of other churches. Other than that the city is pretty drab, huge lines of people and cars waiting for gasoline for days which is in extreme shortage.