China: Guangzhou – Sunset on Top of Canton Tower

Done with all the thrill rides, I was ready for a spectacular sunset over Guangzhou (having timed the visit to the Canton Tower perfectly). The sun slowly start in the smog filled air and the unbelievable panorama of skyscrapers began flickering with lights. There are three observation points on the Canton Tower, each priced differently with separate access, the top level being actually right on the antenna mast at 488 m (1,601 ft) high. Only a small percentage of visitors get to this level (most buy a $21 ticket to the lower observation that is behind glass, while the open air top observation point is a whopping $54, although it does include all the previous levels and thrill rides). The view was easily rivaling if not better those of NYC from Freedom Tower or the Empire State Building. And looking down – you could see the Bubble Tram cabins below!