China: Guangzhou – Thrill Rides at Canton Tower

Canton Tower has two entertainment rides on top – Bubble Tram and Skydrop. Bubble Tram consists of 16 cabins that go up and down around the perimeter of the tower between two levels – upper (462m/1,515ft) and lower (450m/1,476ft), making it the highest tram ride in the world. It goes slow and gives a good opportunity to observe and rotate around all the views. The Skydrop is totally different and it currently holding the Guinness World Record for the highest thrill ride in the world. It drops 31 meters in an insane free fall from 485m/1,591ft at the top of the mast of the Canton Tower to the top deck at 454m/1,489ft. It’s almost instantaneous but scary as hell and is like a mini jump out of the plane!