China/Hainan: Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark

On the northern side of the Hainan Island there is a large national park protecting the volcanic origins of Hainan – there are four small volcanos crater here, one of each can be accessed and even descended into. Mount Fengliung and Mount Baoziling are the central two volcanoes, now overgrown with jungle and greenery – I actually think these are just small vents rather then true volcanoes – but everything is always exaggerated and glorified in China. The national park is more like a developed theme park with everything labeled, passageways built everywhere, signs telling you where to step and what to do, and various kitschy statues everywhere. From the rim of the crater, you get a great panoramic view of the countryside and Haikou city in the distance, while at the bottom of the crater there is a cave. This ain’t Yellowstone or Hawaii, but worth checking out nonetheless.