China: Xi’an – Night Food Markets In Xian’s Muslim Quarter

The city of Xian has a compact Muslim Quarter where over half of population are Chinese Muslims. It all dates back to the days of Tang Dynasty and the development of the Silk Road when many Muslim traders came from the west to Xian. Today the Muslim Quarter is Xian is most famous for absolutely incredible and authentic food markets that burst with life, flavors, activity and sound in the evening when crowds descend on the area to sample the amazing food. It was perhaps one of the top markets and experiences I’ve had! Different stalls were displaying and cooking a wide variety of dishes – a lot of lamb, lamb grilled on rose sticks, lamb hoofs, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, tofu, pounded nuts and caramel candies, round bun sandwiches with salted lamb meat, Muslim breads, and loads and loads of other unusual items. I came here both nights I spent in Xian and I still think I only sampled a small portion of what this place had to offer – totally awesome!