Guatemala: Guatemalan Good Recap

Guatemalan cuisine is mostly a variation of Mayan cuisine with some Spanish influence, with a lot of vegetable and combinations thereof – avocado, beans, peppers, potatoes, and corn. We tried a lot very authentic and awesome soups – Sancocho, Kakik, Caldo de gallina, Caldo de res, Pepian de pollo, Jacon de pollo, and others. Caldo tapas was absolutely to die for – a dish combination of spicy soup with crab and seafood and a grilled tilapia. Ceviche was also omnipresent – either shrimp and fish or conch (ceviche de caracol) along the Carribean coast (the latter being absolutely incredible!). Traditional parilla plates always included a good cut of meat with grilled sausages and fried plantains and beans. The really delicious was the steak cut called puyazo, which is a local version of Brazilian picanha. Plus good rum, refreshing beers, plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and delicious michaeladas.