Kurils/Iturup: Mirror Beach & Black Rocks

Saving the most incredible sites for the end of the Kuril Islands amazing discovery – it was an adventure drive to the most insane and picturesque spot – the Mirror Beach, Black Rocks, and White Cliffs. It is all absolutely surreal – just look at these pictures – black, grey, and white volcanic sand with azure almost tropical-looking ocean, black columnar basalt rocks, and volcanoes on horizons in all directions! Sounds amazing? But wait – there are dozen and dozen of bear tracks imprinted in the sand, as the animals often walk along the beach. The sand is almost mirror-like with white on top (coming from pumice of the nearby White Cliff – next post), while the heavier black lava sand is underneath. This is perhaps one of the most spectacular (and absolutely empty and desolate) beach in the world.