Rwanda: Akagera NP – Cruising on Lake Ihema

Akagera National Park is a large swath of land in Eastern Rwanda, protecting the swamps and lakes along the Kagera River and the surrounding savanna grassland – it’s the same landscape and environment as is in Serengeti further northeast. The park has several large lakes, the largest of which is Lake Ihema with an area of over 100 sq km. Touring the lake by motorized boat is one of the activities offered in the park and is an absolute must-do. The lake is extremely bio-diverse, with over 550 species of birds, plus hippos, crocs, antelopes and elephants coming to its shores. Some of the island on the lake are just teaming with birdlife – herons and egrets, cormorants, shags, fish eagles, storks of several species, and much more.