Socotra: Hadibo

Hadibo is the capital of Socotra with about a quarter of the island’s population living here, about 10k people. It’s a dusty town of traditional Yemeni stone houses, a lot of trash in the streets and goats everywhere. There are about 3-4 mosques, two of them very old. A beautiful coastline offers panoramic views toward the mountains. Mostly men in the streets and very few women, fully dressed in all-covering burkas. Kids running around and following you everywhere. Everybody was super friendly and shopkeepers offering a taste of local sweets, kat, and fruits and spices. Every man had a full mouth of kat, chewing so hard that they couldn’t even talk. After a week in total and complete wilderness, Hadibo felt like being back to civilization, a rather primitive, but still civilization. There even was a store with fake Louis Vuitton handbags.