Socotra: Kalysan Canyon

Socotra just kept on surprising with one incredible sight after another, like a bottomless jewel box of treasure. Hiking on the spectacular Kalysan canyon with distant views of the Indian Ocean and a deep canyon with steep walls and rocky terrain covered with bottle trees in full bloom – no matter how many times you admire them, they are still the most otherworldly plants I have ever seen. The hike along the Kalysan Canyon edge led to perhaps the most stunning site – a deep malachite swimming pool surrounded by white granite boulders. Upstream of the Kalysan Canyon, after about an hour long hike on the Momi along the canyon’s edge, you arrive at the spectacular sight of truly one of the wonders of the world – a series of crystal clear malachite green natural pools surrounded by massive white boulders and steep canyon walls. Some serious rock climbing is necessary to descend down to the water, where you can dive in the deep, almost bottomless pools – an absolute heaven in the sweltering 35C heat.