Tanzania: Serenegeti NP – Black Rhinos at Northern Serengeti

Serengeti Lions and cheetahs are more or less easy to spot in Serengeti, but your chance of seeing a black rhino is near zero. Black rhino is the most endangered species in Africa, only about 160 left in Tanzania and just 20 in Serengeti National Park – super rare and super elusive in the vast expanse of this massive national park. At one point, the population was reduced to under 10, but more rhinos were brought from South Africa to Serengeti to help restore the population in 2019. Now, they are all monitored 24/7, but still threatened by poachers – an adult black rhino’s horns is probably worth $3 million USD based in stupid Chinese demand for the horn (Chinese medicine claiming it has medicinal qualities, but in reality it has none). We got super/ultra/mega/insanely lucky to spot one of Serengeti’s black rhinos in the distance – actively roaming and running. Another instance of insane luck!