USA/NY: Buffalo – Richardson Olmsted Complex

Away from the downtown, there is a very impressive and interesting architectural attraction of the massive structure of Richardson Olmsted Complex. The building was designed in 1870 by the famous American architects Henry Richardson and Frederick Olmsted as a a campus for mental health treatment and was opened in 1880 as the state-of-the-art Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane. In the 1970s, the complex fell into complete abandonment. In the 2010s, the slow renovations and restorations started. Of the 19 buildings, 3 have been repurposed as a hotel and conference center, the rest are still crumbling. The architecture is spectacular, as if you are in some medieval European castle, and not a former insane asylum. Although, with the way 2020 going so far, the latter seems like a good place to be.